How do you engage different prospects with unique problems, at scale?

  • B2B Technology

By speaking to them individually

SS&C Advent’s research showed multiple departments within a company are involved in the buying decision for their software. Therefore, engaging the right people at the right moments is vital.

By implementing an Account Based Marketing (ABM) strategy - and using our technology provider Azalead’s platform - we could be sure we reached the right people, in the right companies, at the right time, thereby reducing ad serve wastage and increasing relevancy.

With personalised messaging

Despite being universal mandates, legislation changes and industry trends affect companies in very different ways, depending on a multitude of factors.

By treating each account as a “market of one” we could produce content that spoke directly to the company (rather than the entire industry), and messaging that spoke directly to influencers and buyers about the issues they were facing.

Showing an understanding of their issues

SS&C Advent’s research showed 75% of organisations had not yet implemented a plan to be MiFID II-compliant before legislation comes into effect.

Insights from our ABM platform revealed content and product information that was being consumed by employees at target organisations, and SS&C Advent’s sales team provided us with valuable account-level knowledge.

Using this, we were able to produce highly-targeted, strategic messaging at an account-based level. In addition, the combination of a technology platform developed in house and an agile team meant we could produce new content at scale and deliver it to target accounts quickly.

The results.

*Campaign still ongoing

Traffic to site increased by 6x

218% uplift in site visits from target accounts

312 leads generated

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