How do you build employee loyalty in tough times?

  • Financial Services

By listening and communicating more clearly

Following some well-documented challenges faced by Royal Bank of Scotland after the 2007-8 financial crisis, the bank had become aware of the vital role its staff plays in winning round customers. To continue rebuilding its reputation, it realised the advocacy of its employees was key.

However, this advocacy needed to be earned by the employees themselves having positive experiences as customers of the bank. Our challenge was to create an internal campaign that did just that.

With a distinct message hierarchy under an umbrella ‘thought’

With so much re-engineering of the business already underway, avoiding ‘new initiative’ fatigue was vital: we had to build the story over time. The internal campaign was split into three distinct phases, each focusing on one key aspect.

Phase one was Experience the best of us. This addressed employees directly, using nudge marketing techniques to remind them why it’s good to bank with Royal Bank of Scotland, reinforcing that they’re not just staff, they’re a valued customer too.

Tangible benefits to showcase new opportunities for employees

Research revealed most employees chose to opt out of the bank’s marketing communications, meaning they were missing out on a number of customer benefits.

Phase two focused on the positive benefits of opting in, with the added incentive of in-office ‘surgeries’ that gave employees confidential financial advice and recommendations.

With a final rallying call to be part of something amazing

Phase three was Let’s get financially fit. This encouraged employees to take part in a review of their current financial relationship.