How do we put customers at the heart of our brand and product?

The answer’s simple: ask them what they need and listen - really listen - to their answer. By understanding their deeper motivations, brands can move forward with confidence.

Onedox is a web and mobile app that lets you track and manage all your household bills in one place. Not only does it tell you when payments are due, it also lets you know when you could be getting a better deal.

Naturally, as a relatively new FinTech brand, they wanted to fully understand their customers’ needs. Not only would this aid business growth but it would also play a big part in ongoing product development.

What really matters to you?

So we held multiple consumer groups, focused on revealing the deeper needs and human stories behind financial household management. We were excited to discover what really mattered to them. What do people really need when it comes to managing their finances? Why? And how could Onedox help them?

Anxiety, chaos and control

We know what people think they need is often very different from what’s actually driving them. In this instance, it became clear both customers and non-customers could fit into four distinct financial personality segments: chaotic, anxious, control freak and mature.

Significantly different to standard marketing personas, our Human Affinity model allowed us to ask the questions that uncovered hidden drives and motivations - revealing people’s deeper needs when it came to financial management. Importantly, this approach naturally leads to storytelling by the consumer - providing valuable insight.

Control Freak

Refocusing the brand

We were then able to create a financial personality segmentation model unique to Onedox. We also developed a deeper insight-led brand proposition, a set of brand values and brand personality, revised their brand and content strategies, and redesigned and rewrote the website accordingly.

From the very first conversation with OTM's Simon and Jennie, we were excited by their fresh perspectives on how to get a true understanding of our customers and their requirements. They took the time to get a deep understanding of who we are and more importantly, who our customers are, in order to inform their proposals.

Having founded the business and designed everything in-house, we felt OTM were the perfect pair of hands to evolve our brand proposition. We are absolutely loving the results; OTM has helped us clearly articulate our brand values and personality, the newly designed website looks incredible, and we're excited by the prospect of future collaboration.

David Sheridan, Co-founder & CEO

What’s next?

All this now forms the basis of ongoing, differentiated content creation and messaging streams, and provides a strong proposition in crowdfunding and ongoing private equity conversations. Onedox is at the start of its journey; we think it will go far.

For now, why not download the app for free and see if you could save time and money?