How do you improve NPS for a global retail bank?

The problem to solve was clear

With relatively poor customer satisfaction and NPS scores our client needed to draw a line in the sand and rebuild excellent customer relationships in the short and the long term. Not a straightforward task given infrastructure constraints, complex customer service KPIs and a demotivated workforce.

Why are you here?

Guided by our Human Affinity© methodology, we started with the basics to find out the real causes of the problem. We held collaborative workshops in multiple geographical locations with people at all levels in the Bank - from executive leadership to managers to the front line - to identify the real issues to tackle.

We didn't start by telling our client that we knew the answers because, quite frankly, we didn't. Our experience enables us to hypothesise but we never assume. So, we started with disarming questions like "why are you here?", "what is the point of doing your job?" and then dug deeper into their personal stories and experiences of customer service. This way, through real life employee stories, we uncovered a whole world of unmet needs and human motivations that simply were not being met.

Moving Fast

We knew time was of the essence and we had to move fast. We couldn't focus purely on infrastructural improvements and technology, for example. Change was needed fast. It was clear that the 'human need deficit' was, relatively speaking, a 'quick win' and a place to start right away.

A revised internal marketing strategy to tackle the need deficit

Our Human Affinity approach resulted in an internal marketing strategy created by employees from the ground up. Leadership visibly took stock, demonstrating they had personally listened to employees. The resulting Human Affinity-based marketing strategy identified five human need-based communications pillars to underpin future internal engagement and customer experience. The first, and most important, was 'Proof' - giving evidence of real change not creating endless internal 'campaigns' and throwaway messages that did more harm than good.

The results are already outstanding on many levels

We always set out to get results quickly by fulfilling human needs first, and we did! The internal communications culture has shifted in numerous ways: from negative to positive, from siloed to collaborative, from reactive to proactive and most importantly from Bank-focused to Customer-focused. Happy employees really does mean happy customers! We are already seeing how this is transforming customer experiences and complaints resolution and we are looking forward to a very positive increase in NPS scores in the very near future.