How do you help your customers connect today with tomorrow?

  • B2B Technology

By showing them a world of new

Understanding the customer lies at the heart of this content programme developed for Daisy: helping them realise they are not alone in the IT challenges they face in their businesses every day.

The customer always comes first - from their initial relationship with the brand through to point of purchase. Using insight-driven storytelling, we help our audience grasp new concepts, consider new ideas and create a vision for the future.

By making the complex simple

From simplifying complicated product structures to writing about complex regulation, we worked with Daisy to create data visualisations, graphical representations and other types of content that would make even the most challenging topics relevant, engaging and accessible for a time-poor and often unpredictable audience.

With relevant and timely content

We understand it’s not always easy to make the connection between what your customer needs at that moment and what you can offer them.

This is why the strategy focussed on identifying topics that had genuine relevance to Daisy’s customers, thereby ensuring all content was relevant, relatable and timely.