How can you get young people to volunteer for a year?

  • Public Sector
  • Charity

By telling them they’ll become great leaders

City Year UK aims to tackle educational inequality by empowering young people to be full-time volunteers at schools in disadvantaged communities across the UK. The challenge was to ensure enough volunteers were applying for the roles in order to meet the demands of local schools.

By highlighting the skills they would learn during their time with City Year, the campaign emphasised the benefits this would have for applicants’ career prospects. It was about showing them the personal value of a year of service in conjunction with the effect on those they would be helping.

With hard-hitting creative

Competition for recruiting top graduates is high. To ensure City Year’s message stood out among the glut information targeted to graduates, we created a VR classroom experience, a Facebook game and a hard-hitting online advertising campaign. Each piece of content was designed to be a natural fit on its designated platform. And, to make even more of an impact, we also used new technology our audience was experimenting with.

Another challenge for City Year was how to stand out at graduate fairs, where they were competing for attention with more recognisable employers. Developing a VR experience specifically for these events helped create buzz around their exhibition and attract graduates to their stand.

Through the right channels

We had to engage a very specific audience, targeting people based on exact age, location and qualifications who were very heavy users of social media. Using our hard-hitting creative, we ran a social media campaign that allowed us to hit the right people with the right message. This was followed by a retargeting campaign to move engaged prospects from ‘interest’ to ‘application’.

The results.

CTR for display ads more than treble the platform benchmarks

CTR for retargeting ads double the platform benchmarks

Applications completed increased by 22%

Applicants accepted increased by 52%

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