How do you create differentiation in a crowded market place?

  • Financial Services

By mapping an ‘Always On’ marketing approach to the prospect journey

Citigold Wealth Management (CWM) believes prospects and clients deserve more. But in an increasingly competitive and highly-regulated market, differentiation is becoming a rare commodity as financial service brands are placed under the microscope by prospects, clients and regulators alike.

The wide-reaching ‘You deserve a better relationship’ campaign considered how the audience searches for new providers; the tools, channels and devices they prefer; and what materials would be useful along this journey.

With content designed to challenge prospects’ existing relationships and spark interest in a new provider

In a market where the target audience typically has three or four existing wealth management relationships, the decision to change bank is normally driven by dissatisfaction with the service or a recent bad experience. The Always-On campaign tapped into doubts prospects may be having about the levels of service they’re receiving.

Ads served over multiple digital and social channels ensured relevant messages were seen at the right time.

Speed to market enabled CWM to comment on geopolitical and economic events in real time, highlighting the potential impact on audiences’ wealth management strategies. With ads served across owned and paid channels, the content reacted to rapidly-evolving stories including Brexit, Article 50 and the UK general election, plus other news from further afield including the impact of Marine Le Pen in France and the growth of the AfD in Germany.

And a tone of voice that challenges industry conventions

Turning the expected industry tone of voice on its head and using more direct language enabled us to get cut-through in this saturated market.

The results.

Qualified leads: 80

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