How do you stand out in an industry where everyone is saying the same thing?

  • B2B Technology

By uncovering your uniqueness

Axxsys, a forward-thinking management and technology consultancy, approached us with a very clear vision: to be a winning, next-generation business integration consultancy for the financial sector.

Sometimes difficult for an organisation to see from within, we worked closely with the team at Axxsys to help uncover the ‘why’ of what they do.

In response to current and future market demands, Axxsys had developed a distinct product: Axxsys Axxelerator™ Platform. We identified this as their differentiator in an increasingly cluttered market. This clear positioning led to the development of a brand expression that reflected their forward-thinking vision.

By developing a strong brand identity that delivers real business benefits

Visually reflecting the theme of ‘acceleration’ and the concept of ‘forward thinking’, we created a fresh brand identity to reposition Axxsys as a significant force in the business integration sector.

With visually consistent and inspiring content

The new brand style was developed using perspective and a dynamic shape. This helped their products stand out within a previously undifferentiated marketplace, boosting brand perception and loyalty across the entire customer journey.

By keeping your customers at the heart of your process

Simplifying a complex content structure was key to the success of the new website. By focussing on user requirements rather than product promotion, we encouraged customer interaction with the brand through intuitive navigation, relevant messaging and original design.